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A professional with an eye on the divine, Johnny Baba is a spiritualist Neo-Sannyasin of Osho professionally working in design and manufacturing. Using this duality, Johnny brings centered and thoughtful custom jewelry and productions, professional consulting, and chakra-focused sound healing to the world.

Osho taught to bring western richness of opportunity and mix it with eastern richness of self. Having worked withsome of the the largest luxury brands in the World, to the smallest startups trying to make a name for themselves, Johnny learned that the trueheart of both human and jewelry is their story, the memories, and the individuality. The reason people seek luxury is the same reason people seektheir true inner self; itgives comfort and brings softness and warmth, it feels untouchably special.... So with this in mind and having been so luckyto experience both, Johnny bring his unique perspective and authentic self to his mindfully produced work


Whether it be a new design, a piece of music, a professional strategy, or a simple conversation, Johnny Baba brings a sense of awareness andfocus to make that the best it can be not for the sake of ego and wealth, but for the sake of beauty and love and shared wellness.

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