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Johnny Baba

Johnny Baba is a multi-dimensional artist whose thoughtful approach is centered throughout his diverse productions and designs. With a rich history in music and visual art, backed by technical education and precision in gold-smithing and manufacturing, Johnny's unique offerings are both authentic and luxurious.


  • Slow flow/vinyasa and sound bath
    Slow flow/vinyasa and sound bath
    In this teacher collaboration rhythm and vibrationopen up pathways in the body as heartbeat and heat relax the body into the sounds of healing
  • AcuTones -
    AcuTones -
    a group acupuncture and sound bath event, this teacher collaboration is a favorite. The needles act as direct points on body meridians while sound waves enhance and focus this healing effec
  • Sound Bath
    Sound Bath
    - a non-physical practice rooted in ancient tradition. Brass Himalayan singing bowls and sung mantra wash over the body bringing gentle healing. Avail able for both private and group sessions, this healing is sung to be an instrument of brainwave entrainment and meditation. (click here to book priva

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The Mountain no text .jpg

 is Baba's Raga's debut track, and it is designed with the Yoga teacher in mind. Using the resonating force of the Himalayan singing bowls to maintaina constant pulse, The Mountain beckons you on a journey inward. The entire album is build in time increments hidden as musical cues disguised as sound bowls,chimes, and mantras to help facilitate subconscious movement forward. Lets Baba’s mystical voice permeate the fog and bring you steps closer to clarity.

the deep no text.jpg

Produced from a live sound bath, The Deep is a traditional arhythmic track with the instruments of sound healing transmogrified into sounds from the depths of theocean. With the weight of the seas above you, let The Deep remind you of your breath and allow you to swim freely through yourself

the flame no text .jpg

Forged from the concept of mindful movement, The Flame was wrought from the fires of will and force. The ever growing power of sound will stoke the energieswithin yourself and inspire focused motion



If you don’t see what you are looking for and would like to collaborate, please reach out to be an event partner or teacher collaborator

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